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为了使华联会能更好的举办活动, 为大家提供更优质的服务,我们热切的希望您的投入和赞助。华联会每年都会选任一些有热心的,有能力的和充满活力的干事来为大家服务。如果您或是您认识的人有兴趣并愿意为我们做贡献,请您 联系我们。 另外, 如果您对唱歌,跳舞及其他一些文艺表演有兴趣,我们会非常的欢迎您来参加我们的新年节目的演出。 您不仅会在这里实现您的明星梦想, 也可以为自己还有大家带来美好的心情。
In order to enrich the programs and events of WCCA and provide you with the high quality services, we are very anxious for your voluntariness and contribution. WCCA annually elects a number of enthusiastic and energetic people as our Board Members who will serve for our members and our organization . If you or someone you know about is interested and willing to serve for us, please contact us. In addition, if you are interested in singing, dancing and other related performance, we will love to welcome you to participate in our Chinese New Year performance. You will not only accomplish your dream of being a star here, but also bring us and yourself a life-long happiness.
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