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Western Connecticut Chinese Association (WCCA), founded in 1989, is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide opportunities for people in Western Connecticut Region to celebrate Chinese traditional holidays, meet with their folks and make new friends. We annually host several big Chinese holidays: Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Festival and Chinese New Year. In addition, we also have sports competition and games: Mah-Jong Tournament, Ping-Pong Tournament etc.
The spirit and unity of WCCA's members have brought our organization to a glorious day. We like to thank for those who give their supports to WCCA, especial for the dedication of those presidents and board members and the great jobs they've accomplished. Furthermore, we sincerely welcome your family or friends and you to participate in our events and activities and become our friends. Your support and love for WCCA will be greatly appreciated.
简介 (Introduction)
西康州华联是一个非盈利的联谊组织, 成立于1989年。我们的目的是通过这个组织能让在西康州的朋友们有机会欢庆我们中国传统的节日,叙说旧友情和认识新朋友。我们每年都要举办几个主要的活动, 例如: 中秋节, 端午节和春节。与此同时我们也会有一些小型节目(麻将比赛,乒乓球比赛等等)。
近来参加我们华联活动的人数越来越多,真是让我们看到了我们西康州华人团结的力量。在这里, 我们非常感谢那些给予我们支持的朋友们, 尤其是利用业余时间来为这个组织做无私贡献的干事和朋友们。我们也忠心希望您和您的家人或是朋友能有机会来参加我们的活动, 成为我们的朋友,并为大家和华联奉献一些您的爱心,我们相信在您的工作和生活之余一定会多一份快乐的。
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